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Nightingale, the Journal of the Data Visualization Society

Nightingale Magazine, Issue 4

Nightingale Magazine, Issue 4

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Our lives are guided by emotions in ways we understand and in others that are beyond our grasp. This issue of Nightingale magazine explores how we design with emotion, how much emotion should be in our data viz, and what kinds of emotions we should draw upon.  This issue is packed with insights and ideas about the emotions we feel in our careers as we learn, as we succeed, and as we explore and experiment. It also includes a special section on GenAI featuring experts who can help us process our feelings towards this new technological era. Buckle your seatbelts – this issue will be an emotional rollercoaster!

In this issue:

  • The Case Against Neutrality by Elsie Lee-Robbins
  • Emotion in Motion by Pedro Cruz
  • Dimensions, Emotions, and Food for Thought by Julian Hoffmann Anton
  • Dear Nightingale: How Does Data Make You Feel? by Gabrielle Mérite
  • Senses & Sentiment: When Data Is Too Emotional for the Screen by Shirley Wu
  • Mapping Happiness: A Journey Through Data Visualization and Personal Expression by Qingyue Li
  • Stems of Grief: Capturing Human Loss with Cyanotype by Ally Levine
  • Special section on GenAI for data viz featuring  Curran Kelleher, Elijah Meeks, and other experts
  • Career tooltips with essays by Sarah Slobin, Amanda Makulec, and Birger Morgenstjerne


Plus recurring features: Three Questions With, Data Viz Horror Story, Early Career Corner, Reviews, and more than a few surprises!


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